TikTok Lite MOD APK

TikTok Lite MOD APK (No Watermark) v33.6.5 Download

App NameTikTok Lite
Size41 MB
MOD FeatureNo Watermark
RequirementsAndroid 5 and up
Last UpdatedFebruary 29, 2024

What is TikTok Lite?

TikTok is an application that needs absolutely no introduction, as it is definitely one of the most popular apps among Gen Zs. With over 2 billion users, this application has become a recent internet sensation and has managed to become one of the most used platforms on the planet. TikTok Lite is also an official version released by developers.

The only difference between TikTok and TikTok Lite is that the former contains a number of extra features as compared to the latter, since the latter is designed to occupy less storage space as compared to the former. With this app, you can download and share videos and the data usage will be comparatively lesser as compared to the regular TikTok app. 

Make and share videos

TikTok Lite is a widely known platform that is popular for its short videos and a large variety of options it provides. From editing and creating videos to sharing them, one can really become a big star overnight. The best part of the application is that the videos are very short ranging from 15 to 60 seconds in length which keep the attention of the users and do not get them bored. But the content is very enjoyable and proves to be a good leisure time activity for people. A number of different features are available on the app which make it very nice for creating an aesthetic video too. These features involve a number of different filters and presets, and other operations like editing, cutting, merging, and adding effects to your videos. All of these features make the video look much more fun and interesting. 

Showcase your creativity

TikTok Lite MOD APK No Watermark is definitely a platform where you can showcase your creativity easily. It is essential to edit your videos before posting them, because there is a lot of talent out there and in order to compete and make your video stand out, creativity must be exhibited. Various trends are going on and you can also start a new trend by making something unique. All this content can be viewed on the discovery page of TikTok Lite. There is no doubt in the fact that this application is one of the best platforms to spread your talent and charm. 

Earn money

Earning money has become really hard these days and all those hectic 9 to 5 jobs really scare people. Well, have you ever thought of earning easy money by just making fun videos at home? If you haven’t, then my friend, we surely have good news for you. The widespread use of the application has led to the formation of advertisement channels which are a source of earning for the people.

Many TikTokers who have a large number of fan following on the application are usually casted for ads based on the target audience of the company. Doing so, many influencers can earn a considerable sum of money through this. To sum up this story, the more people who like the content you have created and are interested in it, the larger number of views you will have on your account. Make sure you follow all the latest  content to keep up with current trends. 

TikTok Lite MOD APK Features

Mod features of the app are:


Is there TikTok Lite?

It is a small size version of the original application that is much lighter. With this app, you can now make and share videos with your friends and on social media. 

Is TikTok Lite better?

Both TikTok and TikTok Lite are official applications and the only difference is that the latter offers lesser features in a reduced size. 

How to use TikTok Lite in India?

To use TikTok in India, consider changing your region in order to do so. For this, you will have to first open the settings of your device and go to ‘Country/Region’ and from there, change the country or region. Pick any of the options where the application isn’t currently banned. 

Which VPN is best for TikTok?

Following are the best VPNs for TikTok:

  • ExpressVPN is a very good VPN for TikTok as it is very strong and can operate in almost 94 countries. 
  • NordVPN is also a very reliable and safe VPN and most of all, it is inexpensive too. 
  • CyberGhost with almost 7,800 servers is also a very good and strong VPN to be used for TikTok.

Who is the owner of TikTok Lite?

Zhang Yiming created this app in 2012 and it became a widely known platform real quick. 

Can I use TikTok in China?

Yes, TikTok is not banned in China and you can use it easily without using a VPN. Although downloading it is pretty hard as it is available under the name Douyin in China, the app is still not banned and you can use it freely. 


TikTok Lite MOD APK is the most famous social and video creating app designed to provide maximum number of features in minimum size possible. With this, you can now create and share videos and also make money with your talent.