Download Vector 2 Premium v1.2.1 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money)

App NameVector 2 MOD APK
MOD FeatureUnlimited money 
RequirementsAndroid 5 and up
Last UpdatedFebruary 27, 2024

What is Vector 2?

Vector 2 is basically a 2D platform where you have to escape a research facility full of deadly traps. Vector 2 is the continuation of an incredible game about the parkourist who were chased by some people from a scientific complex. You have to help your character to go through all the problems and bypass all the traps in the game. There are many levels in the game in which enemies are chasing you and you have to save yourself. 

Wonderful Gameplay of climbing

Vector 2 has simple gestures in the game. You have to swipe your hero for jumping, climbing on the wall or rolling over the obstacle. The game controls are very simple and exactly clear to gamers. You move and run non-stop to complete your challenge. The levels in the game correspond to a large laboratory area in which you have to achieve your goal. You have to keep your character alive until the hero is running to the end of the map and finds his way out.

Obstacles in your way

While you are running in the game, there are lasers, mills and other obstructions which are sometimes static but they make the game difficult for you. These hurdles stop you from running fastly. You have to increase your hero proficiency and improve your reflexes to play better. The challenges in the game constantly keep on becoming hard as you pass on the levels.

Get ready to face Unique Challenges

In the Vector 2, you will have to face many hurdles in your way while you are running. You will be given certain hard and easy challenges for which you have to run as fast as possible. You may also use Armour for your protection but running fast is the key to success in this game. 

Lots of Items to help you

Vector 2 has various items in the game. The Magnetic Manipulator can attract all the items with a radius of almost 3 metres, Adrenaline Surge to receive 40 bonus for tokens collected in 6 seconds and Ultimate Chip Detector is used to increase 25% chance to find a Chip Laboratory data.

Save your life with upgrading Kits

The laboratory is very much toxic. There are many suspicious hazards for which your character needs  to perform well. There are five individual equipment that can be upgraded including helm, belts, gloves, boots, and armour. Whenever you get exposed to the laser, an armour can be used to save your life in game. If you have powerful armour, you will be having high protection. The range of magnetic manipulators can also be increased when you are playing on higher levels.

Free to Play

Despite all the amazing features, Vector 2 is still free for the Android gamers. You can enjoy the exciting running survival game for free once you install it on your devices. Start your journey in the laboratory and enjoy the stunning game.

Realistic Sounds and Graphics

Vector 2 is featured with capturing 3D graphics. The beautiful scenes and 3D effects in transition give a realistic view to the game. The game is featured with soft background Music. The smooth animations of Vector 2 are fascinating for many users. Your character jumps, runs and crouches with realistic movements.


Vector 2 MOD APK is a worthy continuation of the legendary game which will delight gamers with its innovative approach. The game is designed in a way to give you a complete dose of endless fun and adventure. You can get many features with this MOD version of the game. The impressive controls of this game are very appealing to gamers. You must install this game if you are in search of amusement!


Is Vector 2 Safe to download?

Yes, this app is completely safe to download on your phone. It will not harm your device.

Is Vector 2 MOD APK a good game?

Yes, Vector 2 MOD APK is a wonderful game for you to play. The endless run in this game is so much fun.

What is the difference between Vector and Vector full?

The levels are the same having no difference at all. You have to get 3 stars in all levels to unlock this level. But if you have Vector 2 MOD APK, you can unlock all the levels for free.