Who are the Best Characters in Tekken 7?

Arguing about a single best player in a game might get quite problematic right? People have different opinions and especially a game like Tekken 7 has many awesome characters, each with their own tremendous ability to fight and defeat the opponent. This game would have more fighting characters than any other game you would have played. Get Tekken 7 Android Version from Apksoldier.com.

Who are the Best Characters in Tekken 7?

One important thing to note is that this game has many characters and each character has been equipped with different moves and combos, which makes one better than the other and on the basis of which, we will be classifying the characters today. The background story of the characters also plays a fundamental part in determining their fighting skills.

Following are some of the best characters in Tekken 7.

Marshall Law

We must skip the storyline of Law as it’s quite funny, but his striking resemblance with the late Kung Fu mastermind, Bruce Lee is worth mentioning. His appearance and fighting styles are heavily influenced by Bruce Lee and this develops a special connection between the players. It is not easy to beat Law, as it wasn’t easy to defeat Lee.

The special bond that Marshall Law and Paul Phoenix share is extremely adorable and we can’t help but appreciate it. One of Law’s best skills is his kicking techniques, defeating the opponent in seconds. His other amazing tricks are tossing the opponent in the air and his downward pounding punch, which are both very easy to learn. He can defend the enemy blows and then immediately resume the counter strike, making him extremely fast and capable. 

Paul Phoenix

Everyone has some special sort of attachment with Paul since their childhood as this is one of the few characters to appear in every single game of Tekken series. Well, there is no doubt why Paul has been preferred by the game developers as his classic moves and easy to handle combos make him extremely loved among the players, especially beginners.

Everyone has a different opinion regarding Paul, some consider him GOAT, while others are of the opinion that his moves are outdated and that they want something new to the game. Well, we are definitely fans of this player and we want you to be of the same opinion too, as there is no reason to hate him. You can get along with Paul’s fighting skills in a matter of seconds, as his fighting skills are very basic and easy to learn.

You may be able to play with this player easily, but to handle his combos and getting the best out of him by understanding his strengths and weaknesses as well as the opponents’, is an arduous job and you may require quite some time to accomplish that.

Kazumi Mishima

You won’t know Kazumi Mishima if you haven’t played Tekken 7 as this character is not present in any of the previous Tekken series, however, her name has been mentioned many times. This character has won the hearts of the players in this game. She is extremely fast and can make serious blows against the opponent.

Her awesome moves enable her to defeat the opponent in a matter of seconds. Her power and her skills are very evident when you see her fighting in the game. Kazumi is the supposedly deceased mother of Kazuya Mishima and is a relative of Jinpachi and Jin Kazama and is Heihachi Mishima’s ex-wife. Heihachi is Kazumi’s childhood love and they also had a son together.

Heihachi later had plans to conquer the world by joining an organization which led to a split between Kazumi and him. Kazumi takes on a mission to prevent the evil plans of Heihachi.

Steve Fox

You may be well familiar with the character of Nina, as she has been one of the most interesting characters in the game. Steve is Nina’s son and in this game, he is forced to find the identity of his mother by passing through various trials and tribulations. While talking about this, we must not forget about the amazing character development Steve had and his unique fighting skills.

Players might get upset at the fact that Steve doesn’t have kicks, but this is where you make the biggest mistake in judging him. He is such a nice dodger, that it will become very difficult for the opponent to even make one blow against him. Not only his dodging techniques, but also his counter attack tactics are worth mentioning. Even if an opponent succeeds in making a move against him, his counter attack capability will still overcome the blow.

Beginners would avoid picking Steve as he is a bit tough player and takes some time to learn as compared to Paul. Expert gamers have Steve on their top priority list as his combos have no match in the game.

Claudio Serafino

Claudio Serafino did make an entrance before but this character is highly suggested in Tekken 7. He is one of the best characters you can choose from and has some amazing fighting skills. If you are a new player, this is your go to player as you don’t have to specialize the moves of Claudio Serafino.

With a combination of easy mechanism and tough fighting combos, Claudio can help you win the game quite easily. One of the best fighting combos of this player is hopkick, making this player easily qualify in the list of our top Tekken players. There may be some weaknesses of the character, but its fighting skills overcome everything. The player can learn the moves and combos of Claudio quite easily, making this character even more lovable.

There is no doubt that this character deserves one of the top positions in the list. One of the fun facts about Claudio is that he is the only one in Tekken series from Italian descent, as this feature is quite evident in his flamboyant and stylish clothing and delicate manners.

Jin Kazama

You would be quite familiar with Jin Kazama, as he was the hero in Tekken 3 to Tekken 5. However, then he became a villain and players became a little upset over this. Jin Kazama returns in Tekken 7 as a supporting character and you won’t help but choose this player on top priority.

Jin, no doubt has the best overall character development and can make the opponent come to his knees within a few seconds. With mature and classic moves, Jin Kazama will make you aware of his charming and eye-catching personality. This character is a complete package, there is absolutely no room for improvements in the storyline nor the fighting skills of Jin Kazama.

Jin’s fists can beat the hell out of the opponent and with his wide range of kicking techniques, you can knock your opponent in a matter of seconds. What puts this character on the top notch is the combination of both kicking and punching skills, as well as the amazing character development of the player.

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