Youtube Blue APK

YouTube Blue APK v19.7.39 Download 2023 (No Ads)

App NameYouTube Blue
Size31 MB
CategoryVideo Players and Editors
MOD FeatureDownload Videos
RequirementsAndroid 5 and up
Last UpdatedFebruary 28, 2024

What is YouTube?

YouTube is one of the most used platforms among users of all age groups and there is no doubt the reason behind its such massive popularity is the excellent video quality they provide. But with all its merits, comes one of the biggest demerit; advertisements.

What is YouTube Blue APK?

Advertisements is one of the core reasons which paves the way for modded versions and YouTube Blue APK is one of them. This modified version provides an ad free experience, and the number of features guaranteed are beyond one’s understanding and that too, free of cost. Consider downloading the application from the APK link provided and enjoy using a hassle free website, excellent for passing your leisure time. 

YouTube Blue No Ads

Watching videos is all fun and interesting until you have to wait those 5 long and hectic seconds in order for that annoying ad to stop so that you can continue watching your video smoothly. But not exaggerating, that ad would still appear after some time, and this process repeats again and again and you will have to watch 5 to 6 ads in a small video of yours.

Ads are no doubt one of the most annoying and awful experiences ever, and the user gets tired of both the ads and the application real quick. It is for this reason that YouTube Blue APK has no ads in it, and the user can now continue watching his favorite videos and TV shows without any hindrance.

If you are also one of those worried about those annoying ads, consider switching to YouTube Blue by downloading it from the APK link provided. 

More YouTube Blue Features

Playback option

Tired of the video switching off while you search for something else? Well, no such problem exists now with Blue YouTube as the application allows a playback option indicating that the video will continue playing while you search for something relevant.

This feature can also be seen present in the premium version of YouTube but again, the app is not available for everyone across the world and is also a paid one. However, no such problem exists in this app as it is easily accessible and free to download.

Zoom option

Watching a YouTube video and want to zoom in on something which isn’t clearly visible or requires specific attention but couldn’t? Well, this problem is faced by millions of users all across the globe and the developers are working on it too.

The modded version of the app provided by the APK link above presents a zoom in feature for users and all you have to do is pinch in and out of the screen and you can see the zoomed version of the video. It allows you to focus on a specific character more and you can then zoom out in order to watch the normal version.

Various themes

Watching the same application in the same colors can prove to be very dull and boring and the user can get annoyed by it pretty easily. YouTube Blue MOD presents an interesting opportunity for users to switch between the multiple themes present and you can now choose whether to watch the videos on the app in black, red, or pink themes. Get the amazing chance of switching between various themes and make your app look much more fun and interesting.

Download option

One of the biggest problems faced by users while watching YouTube is that they can’t download any video. Although there are a number of other applications present which aid in downloading videos from YouTube, however, these sites involve a lot of ads and their video quality is very poor.

Also, an additional effort is required in order to install those apps first and then download videos from YouTube. No such hectic work is required in YouTube Blue, which allows users to download videos with ease. A download button will be available at the top of the video and all the user has to do is click that option in order to get the video saved in his gallery. 

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YouTube may prove to be a very good application for passing your leisure time but some of the issues present in the app make it quite dull and boring. It is for this reason that modded versions like YouTube Blue APK are developed which provide an ad-free experience with high quality videos, also allowing the users to download them whenever required.