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Download the Modded Versions of YouTube like YouTube ++ or YouTube Vanced APK to get rid of ads and age restrictions and enjoy free video downloading!
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YouTube Plus Plus APK

There is no need to introduce as you would be already familiar with one of the most used social media platforms these days; YouTube. For years, YouTube has been successful in providing quality content and is considered the best among all the popular streaming platforms. You can download this application for free from google play store. Its tailored and optimized content is the main source of its great popularity these days.

Youtube ++ APK

However, with all its great features, it has certain limitations too. A number of Ads can be seen on YouTube which are quite problematic and troublesome for many users. Also, many of the recommended videos on YouTube aren’t according to people’s preferences and this may prove to be very displeasing. YouTube++ android is the Mod version of the original YouTube application, providing a range of additional features.

You can now adjust the video quality according to your wish, download the video, there are no ads or other issues in this premium version of the application. Following is a detailed guide on the features provided by YouTube++ APK.

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Features Of YouTube ++ APK

Among all the features provided by YouTube, the best streaming platform until now, its premium version has managed to put some addition in it and it’s amazing range of features can be inferred from this point alone.  Following is a detailed guide on all the features YouTube++ has to offer:

No Ads

Have you been seeing a lot of Ads on YouTube lately? Are these ads creating a hindrance in your videos? Well, don’t worry at all because this version is definitely something that can solve all your problems. YouTube MOD APK has no ads in it, and nothing of this sort will come up popping up your screen, disrupting your attention. YouTube users have for long complained about the annoying ads they see after every couple of minutes.

However, YouTube administration never took notice of this issue. This is because all these ads are paid as every video on YouTube is sponsored by various companies, and it is obligatory for YouTube to run these ads. But the Mod version of this application can solve all such problems by successfully letting you play ad free videos. This will add to the attention span of the viewers and will make you able to watch lengthy videos without any obstruction.

Download Videos

Ever watched a video on YouTube and wanted to download it so badly? There are many applications you can install to download videos from YouTube but they have two key problems; first, they don’t work every time and the video quality is also poor. Secondly, it takes an extra effort to download additional applications on your phone and it’s not mandatory that you have free space on your device all the time.

For this, YouTube Premium APK introduced a new feature in its application, which allows you to download videos. There will be an option available at the top of the video, by clicking it you will be able to download the video. Furthermore, by using many other video downloaders, the video will appear in the downloaded files section. However, in the premium version you will get the video directly into your gallery.

No Age Restriction

Age restriction might be quite problematic for many users across the globe and we think you would 100% agree with us on this. Many of the sites are banned in specific countries which create a sense of deprivation in many people. Don’t worry, no such thing is there in this version as you can now enjoy everything you desire, anytime and at any place.

Yes! This may seem a little absurd at first, but YouTube++ has introduced this amazing opportunity to its users as you can watch whatever you like without any age limitation or region limitations. This is one of the best news ever for many users, especially those living in dictatorial regions where many sites are banned.

Safe and Secure

If you are thinking whether YouTube Vanced is as safe and secure as YouTube, then yes, your concern may be a little legit. This application is developed by a third party source and of course, it cannot be as secure as YouTube at all, however, developers have tried their best while developing this. One thing which must be kept in mind is that Google Play Store removed this application because of safety concerns. However, we assure you of the fact that this application is safe from any bugs and viruses, as we speak of personal experience.

High Quality Videos and Background Play Option

Tired of blurry videos on YouTube? Well, this is not a problem at all. YouTube Pink APK is here to solve all your YouTube related issues in one go, as you will be able to watch high quality, HD videos on your smartphone. Also, there is another very unique feature provided by YouTube++ which allows you to hide videos and only listen to the audio track.

Many times, we want to listen to some songs in the background while using any other app on our phone. But this couldn’t be possible because YouTube does not work as a background application. However, YouTube++ can work in the background and you can only listen to audio without having to watch the videos. This feature will prove to be very helpful especially when reading pdfs from your phone which can minimize your boredom.

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