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Zombie Waves MOD APK v3.4.5 (Unlimited Money & Gems) Download

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480 MB


Android 8 and up

July 12, 2024

MOD Includes Unlimited Money & Gems

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Zombie Waves Mod Apk is an exciting game where you find yourself in a world full of zombies, and your main job is to survive against these creepy creatures. The game is  an adventure ride in a place that looks all broken and scary after a zombie invasion. You get to control your character with just one hand, making it stress-free and fun. 

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The game is not too long, and you can play it in short rounds, which is great for when you have a little break. You can have robot friends to help you in battles. The more gear you collect, the stronger you become. The battles in the game are super intense with special skills and effects that make it thrilling. 

Main Features Zombies Waves:

The main features of Zombies Waves are:

Simple Controls:

Zombie Waves ensures a stress-free gaming experience with controls designed for one-handed play. You can combat zombies with just a touch smoothly. The auto-aim feature makes sure every shot counts, and rounds are quick, lasting 6-12 minutes. Even when you’re not playing, you still earn rewards with the AFK mechanics. 

Play As Hero:

Select your hero from a range of unique characters. Each hero comes with special abilities, and you can enhance your combat capabilities with customizable robots. Collect a variety of gear to overcome challenges and dominate the post-apocalyptic world. You can also get robot friends to help you. 

Exciting Zombie Battles:

You can play intense battles across different stages with over 100 roguelike skills and powerful abilities. The game offers immersive battlefields, allowing you to use the environment to your advantage. You get to feel the thrill of wiping out zombies on the whole screen just like in Dead Trigger 2 Mod APK. It looks cool with amazing effects. Players fight against monsters in battles. 

Different Gameplay Modes:

Play competitive battles or team up with friends for multiplayer gameplay, adding more strategy and fun. Explore various gameplay including roguelike tower climbs, survival modes, vehicle racing, and more. Build and customise your home base for added depth to your survival adventure. 

Stay Connected:

Join the Zombie Waves community on Facebook and Discord. Share your stories and get tips from other players. 

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How to Play Zombie Waves?

  1. Download:
  • Download Zombies Waves from apksolider. com by clicking the download button. 
  1. Survive the Zombie Waves
  • Your goal is to stay alive in a world full of zombies. 
  • Master controls you can play with just one hand. 
  • There’s an auto-aim feature, so every shot counts. 
  • Play quick rounds, perfect for short breaks. 

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  1. Become a Hero
  • Choose from different heroes, each with special powers. 
  • Get robot buddies to help you in battles. 
  • Collect  gear to make yourself stronger. 
  1. Fight Battles
  • Experience unique fighting styles with over 100 skills. 
  • Fight in different places, using the environment to your advantage. 
  • Take on huge waves of monsters in exciting battles. 
  1. Various Game Modes:
  • Face powerful bosses with different challenges. 
  • Play against others or team up with friends for more fun. 
  • Try different game styles like tower climbing and survival modes. 
  • Build and customise your home base. 
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Zombie Waves MOD APK

Zombie Waves Mod APK turns the zombie apocalypse into an exciting adventure. Your job is to survive in a world of zombies, and the game’s simple controls make it stress-free and fun. Play quick rounds, earn rewards even when offline, and enjoy the thrill of intense battles. Choose your hero and gather gear to enhance your combat skills.