AFK Arena Mod Apk

AFK Arena Mod Apk v1.135.01 Unlimited Everything

App NameAFK Arena Mod Apk
CategoryRole Playing 
MOD FeatureUnlimited Everything
RequirementsAndroid 5 and up
Last UpdatedJuly 12, 2024


AFK Arena is the most famous and addictive role-playing game, with over ten million users only on Google Play Store. This game lets you fight with players from around the world. So, you have to build an army and collect the heroes in order to fight and become strong. The greater the army or heroes you have, the stronger you are in front of the opponent. You just have to be smarter and wise while fighting with the enemy. The expertise is also crucial in the game that the strategy you will apply on the battlefield will work or not.


AFK Arena is based on collecting heroes and making a powerful army to fight with the enemy using the strategies. You can also unite with the army of another player from around the world and conquest the whole world quickly and easily. Each hero in the game has a unique ability that he uses to fight with the opponent. There’s nothing to worry about if you are losing because you can always turn the victory to yourself by applying the correct strategy at the right time.

Games Like AFK Arena

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  • Raid: Shadow legends
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  • Summoners War: Sky Arena
  • AFK Heroes
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Features of AFK Arena

Fascinating Gameplay:

AFK Arena is famous for its gameplay as it has exciting graphics. You must have thought that there would be a big army in the game to fight the enemy, but no, you and your enemy just have the five heroes with which you have to fight and apply strategies. These heroes continue to fight if you have exited the game.

Heroes of AFK Arena:

There are a total of fifty heroes in this game that are designed to look like glass in which the motion is developed. Each hero in the game has a specific background, and they are designed and developed according to their stories and histories. As there are a lot of heroes, you must choose the stronger and the most potent hero like Arden and Saveas as they are very useful when you are fighting with a strong opponent.

Graphics of AFK Arena:

The graphics of the AFK Arena are worth mentioning as each, and everything in the game is presented in detail. The animations are so realistic that they will make you watch it like you are watching a TV series. The developers have made the game awesome by working hard on the graphics of the body of characters and their voices, especially, which are very pleasant to the ears.

AFK Arena Mod Apk:

Like all the other android games, AFK Arena also has some of the features which can be only unlocked if purchased. If you have already played this game, you might know that it takes a lot of hard work and time to unlock the cards of your favourite hero. So, we here are making it easy for you by providing you with the AFK Arena Mod Apk in which all the premium features are unlocked, and you can unlock your favourite heroes without any progress in the game. AFK Arena Apk Mod will help you win the fight easily and upgrade your hero without spending any money.

Features of AFK Arena Mod Apk

No Ads:

AFK Arena is basically a fighting game with cards. So, it is required for your ease that the game must run smoothly without any interruption of the ads. So, that is why ads are removed from the AFK Mod. You will have no issues while fighting with the opponent.

Unlimited Diamonds and Guild Coins:

Diamonds are the most precious things in the AFK Arena because they can be used to buy many things like cards and upgrades of the heroes. In AFK Arena Mod Apk, you get unlimited diamonds. It means that you can buy anything in the game without worrying about the money. Another currency in the AFK Arena is the guild coins, and they are also unlimited in this mod apk. 

Unlocked Heroes:

Heroes are the things on which the game is mainly based on. They are vital as they help you in winning the fight against the opponent. But the drawback is that the heroes who are actually powerful or have special abilities are locked, and it is very complicated to get them unlocked. So, in the AFK Arena Modded Apk, all the premium heroes have unlocked, which means that you can easily win the battles with the stronger heroes.

How to download and install AFK Arena Mod Apk on Android:

  • First of all, download the AFK Arena Mod Apk file from the link given in the download section.
  • Now, install the apk file by allowing the permissions in your phone.
  • The installation will take some time.
  • Enjoy the AFK Arena Game.

Is there an AFK Arena Private Server?

Ans: No, the private server has not been introduced yet by AFK Arena.

Can you get AFK Arena on PC?

Ans: Yes, you can play AFK Arena on PC by using emulators like Bluestacks.

What does AFK mean?

Ans: AFK stands for “Away From Keyboard”.

Is AFK Arena Mod Apk safe to use?

Ans: Yes, this game is 100% safe to download and install.

What you get in the AFK Arena Mod Apk?

Ans: In this mod apk, you get unlimited diamonds, free shopping, unlocked heroes and many other things.

Conclusion & Review:

We tested this game on our side and found it amazing. The developers have made this game easy in the starting to capture the player. Obviously, if a player starts to lose battles in the very beginning, he will lose interest in the game and uninstall it. Some people will not like this game because it requires a lot of patience. Well, this game is actually for those who love strategy games. Either you have to have a lot of patience, or you can purchase your favourite hero, who is much stronger.

This game is getting better and better with the released and coming updates. In this article, we have provided you with the modded version of AFK Arena. Just download and install the apk file to enjoy all its premium features. Also, check out AFK Arena Test Server if you want to explore the new features before anyone else. If you face any issue while downloading or the game version gets outdated, let us know in the comment section. We will try to help you as soon as possible.