Best Facebook App Alternatives

Facebook is one of the most used social application but what if its not working on your smartphone? Don’t worry, best Facebook app alternatives are now available.

Best Facebook App Alternatives youtube

These alternative applications can be downloaded easily from Google play. So, here’s a list of Best Facebook App Alternatives 2020:

  1. Facebook Lite
  2. Faster for Facebook Lite
  3. Simple Social for Facebook
  4. Maki
  5. Phoenix for Facebook
  6. Swipe for Facebook
  7. SlimSocial
  8. Friendly Social Browser
  9. Swift for Facebook Lite

Best Facebook App Alternatives 2020

Facebook Lite

We counted Facebook Lite in our list of Best Facebook App Alternatives 2020 because of its association with Facebook Inc. The term “Lite” indicates that it is small in size and compatible with almost all of the phones. It even works with a 2G internet connection. So, if you live in an area where there is slow internet, there’s no need to worry. Just install the Facebook Lite app and stay connected with your friends online.


  • Fast and clean UI
  • Dark mode
  • Messenger
  • Safe to use

File size: Varies with device

Faster for Facebook Lite:

It is the best Facebook alternative app for android. This app runs flawlessly on mobiles with low specs as it saves storage and works without using too much battery. Faster for Facebook Lite has an inbuilt messenger, including every other feature, compared to Facebook’s messenger app. It also saves your data to the maximum extent. However, this app is not associated with Facebook.


  • Lock feature to protect privacy
  • Chat heads
  • Dark theme
  • Both Facebook and messenger
  • Friendly UI
  • Download videos
  • Saves data and battery

File size: 5.8M

Simple Social for Facebook:

This app is not only specified for Facebook, which means that you can also access other social accounts on it. It sends you notifications in the same way as other social apps do. This app is not associated with the services that are offered in the app. However, this app shows ads on the free version.


  • Themes
  • Security lock
  • Dark mode
  • Log in with more than one account
  • Pin pages or group

File size: 7.8M


Maki is our favorite alternative Facebook app. It has both Facebook and messenger in one app, and it saves a lot of data and battery, unlike Facebook and messenger. The best thing about this app that it is totally ads-free. Maki doesn’t upload your pics on its private servers, which means that all of your photos and videos directly goes to Facebook. You can also access other social accounts on it.


  • Block Facebook Ads
  • Dark mode
  • Download photos and videos
  • Controlled notifications
  • Newsfeed of your choice

File size: 5.7M

Phoenix for Facebook:

Phoenix is the most elegant and simple app for Facebook and Messenger. It has the most attractive user interface. It loads the images and videos at light speed and protects the usage of data as well. It has an inbuilt messenger with the chat heads as the original messenger app does have. Video calling quality is excellent, and you can share or download images and videos with an inbuilt downloader. You have all the options to control the notifications of Facebook and messenger.


  • Simple
  • Speedy
  • Low use of storage
  • Inbuilt messenger
  • Quality video calling
  • Easy download and share
  • Notification control

File size: 6.7M

Swipe for Facebook:

Suppose you are looking for a Facebook alternative and as well an alternative Facebook messenger. Then, Swipe for Facebook is the best alternative for both. You can customize this app to a great extent, and it does not eat much of your phone’s storage. It comes with a notification widget that shows you a section of notifications on the home screen.


  • Chat heads
  • Blocks sponsored ads
  • Day/night theme
  • Notifications widget
  • Download videos and photos with a swipe
  • Security lock

File size: 6.0M


If you are looking for the best Facebook alternative, then you should use SlimSocial. It has a really simple user interface and takes the storage of 100 Kb barely. The best thing about this app is that it has open-source, which means that you can develop and make it more functional if you know about coding. The code of SlimSocial is available on the GitHub. However, the app is still in development, and some things won’t work, i.e., Notifications.


  • Lightweight
  • Open-source
  • No ads
  • Privacy

File size: 328kb

Friendly Social Browser:

It is a browser with which you can log in with different social accounts. It rescues your data and battery a lot. By installing this, you don’t need to install every other social app separately. This browser has a keyword filter feature for the news feed. For example, if you don’t like politics, you can exclude the keywords relating to politics, and you will see a news feed free of politics-related posts.


  • Download photos and videos
  • Keyword filter
  • Messenger
  • Fingerprint lock
  • Quick switch
  • Themes
  • Battery saver

File size: 22M

Swift for Facebook Lite:

This app consists of both messenger and Facebook and allows you to do video calls, voice calls, messages, etc. Swift for Facebook Lite does not dominate on your mobile’s storage and battery. It uses only 20 MBs of RAM. The interface of Swift is user friendly and is also compatible with older androids. The only con of this app is that it shows ads in the free version.


  • Low use of RAM
  • Respects your privacy
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with older versions of android
  • Free

File size: 5.9M


Well, these were some of the top alternatives to Facebook. Some of the apps are totally free to use, while some of them are free for primary use, but you will have to buy the pro version to access the pro features. We have also listed the characteristics of each app. So, try these apps and tell us your favorite app from the list in the comment section.