How To Tame a Fox in Minecraft & Make Them Trust You?

How To Tame A Minecraft Fox?

How to tame a Minecraft fox?

Love playing Minecraft APK Softonic Version and want to tame animals, especially foxes? Well, this is an issue common to us all. But you don’t have to worry about it anymore as we are going to provide a detailed guide on how to tame foxes in Minecraft. There is no tough job in this and it only requires a little persistence from you to do this.

The toughest part of this scenario is to first analyze where these Minecraft foxes spawn. After this, you can easily handle them. It is quite evident that foxes are present in cold, snowy regions, especially taiga biomes. For this purpose, you can thoroughly search these regions and there are little chances that you will be able to catch them in a group of two to four. The question then arises how you will be taming them.

First, ensure that these foxes mate with each other and for this, you will have to provide cherries to both the foxes you want to breed. After successful mating, the offspring produced will prove to be devoted to you. Again, the offspring will show some attraction to other nearby foxes too and if you want it to only obey you, make sure that you get it away from all the skull and attach a lead to it.

How do you make a fox trust you in Minecraft?

You can make a fox trust you in Minecraft by taming them. Taming the fox involves a simple three step procedure:

  • First of all, allow two foxes to mate.
  • Do this by providing a cherry to each of them.
  • Then, the offspring born will be loyal to you. 
  • If you don’t want the offspring to follow anyone around, make sure you attach it with a string and take it somewhere else.

What do tamed foxes do in Minecraft?

Well, everyone around is trying to tame foxes and the fundamental question here arises, what is the difference between a normal and a tamed fox? To your surprise, the regular foxes present in the game will do all the best they can in order to keep away from you. This behavior can prove to be very disastrous for their breeding process and this is why it is necessary that you tame them.

After taming, they will obey you in all manner and will also aid you in your quest of knocking down the opponent. Also, you can provide these foxes with swords in order to make them more helpful.

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How do you know if a fox is tamed in Minecraft?

It is very easy to identify whether or not a fox is tamed in Minecraft. You will witness a small heart present above them which will notify you that these foxes are now tamed.

Will tamed foxes follow you?

It is quite natural that any tamed animal does start to follow and obey your rules, and so is the case with foxes too. But one important aspect to note is that foxes aren’t that easy to tame.

Are snow foxes rare in Minecraft?

Yes, snow foxes can be found in Minecraft but pretty rarely. Their general biome or natural habitat is snowy taiga regions where they will be present in small numbers.