csgo mobile apk

CSGO Mobile APK V3.72 Download For Android (Offline Mode)

App NameCSGO Mobile APK
Size1.7 GB
MOD FeatureOffline Mode
RequirementsAndroid 5 and up
Last UpdatedMarch 6, 2024

CS:GO Mobile APK 

Get to witness tactical gameplay in full form in CS:GO Mobile APK which will take you to a whole new world of chaos and destruction. Based on the popular PC game, Counter Strike: Global Offensive,  the Android version offers the same level of thrill and entertainment as present in the original version.

With an indulging storyline revolving around a terrorist and an anti-terrorist squad, the game is surely going to take up your time for good. The customization features and the detailed graphics are another reason why players opt for this game. 

Game Features 

Teamwork Matters A lot Here

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is based on extreme and thrilling battles between 2 groups: terrorists and an anti-terrorist faction. The whole scenario revolves around a terrorist squad trying to bomb the people while the opposing team strives to stop it before it detonates. Not only this, both of these teams will be striving to defeat the other team by killing all its members and declaring victory. The game is based on teamwork and collaboration where any minor inconvenience may lead to the death of all. 

Detailed weapon system

Weapons are the most essential part of the game as the players will be requiring heavy arsenal in various stages of their life. Overcoming all these terrorists won’t be an easy task at all and the gamers must have different kinds of weapons with them all the time. The game offers a diversity of arsenal including P250, AK47, M4A1, AWM, and much more. Also, there are other items to defuse bombs, protection armor, and other such stuff. 

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Complex maps to explore 

There are 3 main maps in the Counter Strike Global Offensive APK and the players can opt for whatever map that they find the best. These maps include Cache, Dust 2, and Mirage. All of these maps will vary in physical characteristics  and the best part about these maps is that they are constantly being updated and new features are being added continuously. If you are a fan of tough gameplays, then Cache map is highly recommended because it offers a complete experience. 

Interesting Game Modes 

CS:GO APK offers a plenty of game modes to experience with each one differing in difficulty levels and other characteristics. Players can interact with the opponents in various ways in all of these modes but the key target would remain the same; to defeat all the terrorists altogether.

Is CSGO Mobile Offline?

Yes, it can also be played offline if you select the campaign or story mode in it. To play with your friends, you will have to need an internet connection.


Yes, CS:GO mobile version is now available and users can enjoy all of its PC features at their convenience.

A total of 15 GB space is required to install Counter Strike on your PC. However, the Android version is much smaller and a total of 1.9GB space will be enough to download and play the game smoothly.


CS:GO APK OBB is an immersive game with a fast paced action that indulges players to the core. With the unique terrorist related storyline, players can fulfill their long lost dream of becoming a hero and save everyone.