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Android 5 and up

March 5, 2024

MOD Includes Unlimited Research & Money

With Devices Tycoon MOD APK, you get unlimited research, free shopping, money, gems and sandbox unlocked. This enables you to build better devices for the world!

Devices Tycoon is a game where you are the boss of your own tech company. In this game, you’re not just playing, you’re creating a whole world of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more. You have  the power to design the new gadgets. The game offers a realistic device editor, allowing you to customise every detail. It lets you explore different business strategies, expand globally, and overcome challenges. 

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Main features of Devices Tycoon:

The main features of Devices Tycoon are:

Create Your Own Devices:

In Devices Tycoon, you have the power to design and manufacture your own devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, headphones, and even processors. You get to decide how your gadgets look, what features they have, and even create your own computer chips. 

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Build Your Company:

Start your journey by choosing a catchy name for your tech company, deciding its location, and determining the initial funds. This sets the stage for creating your company.

Hire Employees:

Recruit talented individuals for your company, like designers, programmers, and engineers, from all over the world.

Realistic Device Editor:

Use a detailed editor to customise every aspect of your devices, including size, colour, screen, processor, graphics card, speakers, and packaging.

Customer Reviews:

After your devices hit the market, customers provide reviews. The better the reviews, the more successful your devices become. 

Offices for Employees:

Upgrade and manage offices for your designers, programmers, and engineers. Provide them with the best environment to brainstorm and make new devices.

Business Expansion:

From holding presentations to studying marketing, viewing global ratings, opening stores worldwide, negotiating, and acquiring other companies, you can use various strategies in game to grow your tech empire.

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How to Play Devices Tycoon?

  1. Download:
  • Download the “Devices Tycoon” from by clicking on the download button.
  1. Make Your Company:
  • Choose a catchy name for your tech company and decide where it will be located.
  • Determine the startup funds to set the stage for your company’s story.
  1. Start Making Devices:
  • Utilise the detailed device editor to customise every aspect, such as size, colour, screen, processor, and more.
  • Be creative as you design smartphones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, headphones, and even processors.
  1. Build Team:
  • Recruit talented individuals to join your company.
  • Choose from designers, programmers, and engineers from around the world.
  1. Optimise Workspaces:
  • Upgrade and manage offices for your team members.
  • Provide a conducive environment for designers, programmers, and engineers to brainstorm and innovate.
  1. Create and Upgrade Products:
  • Continue to innovate by creating new devices.
  • Upgrade existing products to meet market trends and customer demands.
  • Improve components and features to enhance the performance and appeal of your devices.
  1. Manage Customer Reviews:
  • Launch your devices into the market and see customer reviews.
  • Higher reviews lead to increased sales and success for your tech creations.
  1. Expand Your Business:
  • Explore various business strategies.
  • View global ratings, negotiate, and even acquire other companies to expand your tech empire.

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Devices Tycoon Mod Apk

Devices Tycoon Mod Apk is an exciting game. You get to design devices, make important business decisions, and even hire a team of talented individuals. You’ll upgrade workspaces, expand your business globally, and overcome challenges.

Playing Devices Tycoon Mod Apk is all about being creative and using  business skills to build a thriving tech empire.