farming simulator 20 mod apk

Farming Simulator 20 MOD APK v0.0.0.86 (Unlimited Money)

App NameFarming Simulator 20 MOD APK
MOD FeatureUnlimited Money
RequirementsAndroid 5 and up
Last UpdatedFebruary 28, 2024


Love farming and always dreamed to become one, but couldn’t do so because of society pressure? Well, here we are again! Becoming a farmer even in a game can fulfill your long wanted desires to a considerable extent, especially when the game is this detailed and informative. Farming Simulator 20 MOD APK is one of the most popular farming games available on the internet and its massive popularity can be better analyzed from its wide range of features as well as its improved graphics quality.

Almost all of the physics models and realistic farming techniques are kept in mind while devising this game and also includes a picturesque as well as a highly detailed background environment. 

One of the world’s best farming franchises is here again with some new additions to its gameplay and features and we are totally here for it. Get yourself the amazing opportunity of learning about new farming techniques and plant your favorite crops and wait for their harvest season to sell them in the market.

You can now avail the opportunity of getting an in-depth know-how of farming experiences as well as of managing farm animals, and keep your financial accounts your top priority in order to come out as a winner in the game. Drive in trucks all across the town and sell your harvest to various merchants present and in this way, expand your opportunities. In short, Farming Simulator 20 provides a realistic experience of the farming techniques.

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Features of Farming Simulator 20

Lots of Farming Machinery

The game presents a very realistic and genuine view of farming techniques used currently, including the use of modern and latest farming machinery. More than 100 different sorts of farming vehicles are present in the game and they will aid you a lot in boosting your gaming performance.

You can use these farming machinery for a variety of purposes, for cultivating crops, tilting the soil, sowing seeds, and harvesting the finished product. You can have both, first and third person view of the machinery in the game. The first person view seems as if you are actually driving the machine. 

Take care of Livestock

Not only will the player be taking care of his crops in Farming Simulator 20, but taking care of the livestock animals present is also essential in the game. This feature can prove to be much fun and interesting as it provides the sense to a gamer as if he owns his own livestock farm.

Multiple animals like pigs, horses, sheep, cows, etc. are present and you can take care of them and sell their milk, wool, and meat in the market to various buyers. You can also ride a horse in Farming Simulator 20. 

Plant and harvest crops

The game involves planting and harvesting crops in the farms and involves all of the original farming techniques used today. This game is very close to reality and you will definitely find yourself being completely hooked to it.

A variety of crops are present which you can plant on these fields, among which, the best option is cotton crop. Cotton is the most profitable crop in Farming Simulator 20. Other crops include barley, wheat, oat, sunflowers, potatoes, corn, soybean etc. You can harvest these crops and sell them to merchants in order to gain profit.

FS 20 MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked Everything
  • Free to Play
  • Improvements


Can you get mods on FS 20 Nintendo Switch?

Unfortunately, there are no mods for iOS or Nintendo Switch, however those for android are available. 

What is the most profitable crop in FS 20?

The most profitable crop in Farming Simulator 20 is corn, which can be converted into chopped straw and can also be used to obtain silage for sale in a Biogas plant. However, if you tend to get maximum profit, consider using expensive equipment. 

Is Farming Simulator 20 a good mobile game?

Yes, Farming Simulator 20 is a very good mobile game for those you have been playing on mobile, however, those who played console editions before won’t be able to enjoy it much. There is no multiplayer mode in the version of the game, no society or endgame, it is just you and your fields. 

Does Farming Simulator 20 have logging?

Unfortunately, there is no logging in the game, no music playing, only one map is available with a small number of fields, and you cannot walk around. 

How do you skip time in the Farming Simulator?

You can skip time in FS 20 by following these steps:

  • First of all, from the construction menu, tap on the buildings tab. 
  • From there, select the Farmhouses option. 
  • You must first ensure the amount of money you have. 
  • When your house is ready, you can get to the main door and sleep. 
  • In this way, you will be able to pass time.

FS 20 MOD APK Download

  • First of all, begin with tapping the FS 20 APK download link given above.
  • Then, go to the settings of your device and allow unknown sources to install APK files.
  • You can do this by going to Menu> Settings> Allow unknown sources.
  • After this, go to the downloads section of your phone and tap on the last downloaded APK file in order to install it on your device.


Farming Simulator 20 MOD APK is a very realistic game based on original farming techniques and anyone who has the desire of becoming a farmer can fulfill their dream by playing it. Get a chance to plant and harvest crops and sell them to various merchants in the market to generate revenue.

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