Granny Chapter 2 mod apk

Granny Chapter 2 Mod APK v1.2.1 Unlimited Ammo – Granny Chapter 2

App NameGranny Chapter 2 Mod APK
MOD FeatureGod mode 
RequirementsAndroid 5 and up
Last UpdatedMarch 9, 2024

Granny Chapter 2

Granny Chapter 2 is the second in the series of the Granny game and features a whole new level of thrill and horror. Make sure you are not alone while playing the game as you can get insomnia afterwards, thanks to the realistic thriller effects presented by the game. Not only does this game feature the horror Granny, but another person will accompany her throughout; Grandpa. This means, the thrill is now doubled and exiting the scary house may now be even more tough.

Trapped inside a haunted house

As soon as you start the game, you will find yourself trapped inside this haunted house, with no idea about how you got here. You may or may not find a way out and the latter may lead to your death too. Since the villains are unable to see but have a very strong sense of hearing, it is essential that you don’t make any sort of noise at all. Even your slight footstep is enough to make Granny and the Grandpa chase you and kill you after that. Also, the speed of the antagonists have also increased, indicating that the game has become much more electrifying. Panicking may lead you to trouble and this could prove to be quite an unwanted situation. 

Solve the Puzzles

The best way to ace this game is to use your mind and think outside of the ordinary. Collect all the puzzles in your head and connect the dots. Distract these evil characters from yourself and run as fast as you can to escape them. A very smooth touch control system will aid you accomplish your task even faster and the intuitive user interface will get you hooked to it. To add to all of this, the realistic graphics may be nerve wrecking at times. 

Granny Chapter 2 Mod features

  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlimited Health
  • God Menu
  • Monsters don’t attack
  • No Ads