How To Block in Tekken 7? How To Take Less Damage?

Are you also one of the million fans of Tekken 7 and love to play it with your friends and family but lacking the skills to play the game? Tekken has dramatically changed the way fighting games were made and played and has introduced a very unique fighting style.

How To Block in Tekken 7?

Defense is much more important than attack and if you are not a good defender, then there is no chance of winning the game at all. So before trying to attack your enemy, consider reading the below mentioned defense and blocking tips in order to enhance your gaming performance.

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Types of block in Tekken 7

Tekken 7 has a lot of various fighting skills and the blocking techniques of the game can be divided into two basic styles: the standing guard and the crouching guard. As the name of both these terminologies indicate, the standing guard technique is used to protect yourself while in the standing position and the latter technique’s usage is essential while crouching. You will have to press and step back together in order to use this technique.

  • The standing guard technique will be used for high and medium ranged attacks but couldn’t be used for low level kicks.
  • The crouching guard technique is used in cases other than those blocked with the standing one, mostly in low level attacks. This does not block medium or high attacks. 

Game controls of Tekken 7

Learning about the game controls is the first step in becoming a professional player and before we hop onto the blocks, let us first analyze these moves for both, Xbox and PlayStation controllers:

  • Use X/A for the left hit.
  • Use Square/X for the left hit.
  • And also use circle/ B for the right hit.
  • Use Triangle/ Y for the right hit.

Tips to block attacks in Tekken 7

Following are some of the tips to block your opponents in Tekken 7:

  • For medium and low attacks, press the left button present in the D-pad.
  • For low level attacks, press the down button.
  • Avoid crouching again and again as you can be a subject to various combos by the enemy.
  • If you want to make a throw type move, press 1 and 2 buttons that are right and left hit.


Tekken 7 is definitely for pro players and if you also want to become one of those, the above mentioned article will prove to be of much help. Just start practicing all these moves with your little brother or any of your friends to come out as one of the best players in the Tekken 7 game!