Is Minecraft Legends Free to play? Minecraft Legends Platforms

Mojang’s endless survival game plays have taken over everyone’s mind and with the upcoming release of Minecraft Legends in sight, it seems that this game fever is on the rise again. Minecraft Legends will be released anytime soon and players are highly concerned about whether this new game will be paid or not. The following guide discusses this issue further.

Is Minecraft Legends Free to play?

Will Minecraft Legends be free to play?

No, Minecraft Legends is not free to play and users will have to pay a subscription fee of $39.99 or £34.99. This cost will be for the standard game edition. Although the game is not free to play, the price is far less as compared to other video games which means you can enjoy Minecraft Legends without any hesitation. Six additional game skins will be seen present, including four mounts and mount skin as well as a hero. 

If you want to play on android, download its APK file.

On what platforms will Minecraft Legends be available on?

Minecraft Legends will be available on the following platforms 

  • Nintendo Switch
  • PlayStation 5
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Cloud Gaming
  • Xbox Series X and Series S
  • Microsoft Windows 


How much does Minecraft Legends cost?

Minecraft Legends cost almost $39.99 for the Standard Edition and $49.99 for the Deluxe Edition. 

How many GB is Minecraft Legends?

Minecraft Legends will be of almost 10.71 GB and you can install it from the in-app purchases on PlayStore. 

Summing up 

Minecraft Legends is not free to play. However. it has comparatively lower price than other video games. It will surely fascinate the players to download it and enjoy the epic crafting resources available. 

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