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NBA Infinite MOD APK v1.18194.5404.0 (Unlimited Money)

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Level Infinite


1.49 GB


Android 7 and up

March 4, 2024

MOD Includes Unlimited Money

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NBA Infinite Mod Apk is a mobile basketball game. This game takes mobile gaming to a whole new level. You don’t just watch basketball, you get to play it. Even if you’re new to basketball or a fan, NBA Infinite lets you enjoy the game, show your love for the game, and make a name for yourself in basketball.

The game features real NBA players, and by collecting and levelling up player cards, users can build their dream team. The game also provides online competitive modes, allowing players to team up with friends or challenge opponents globally, adding excitement to the basketball gaming experience.

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Main Features of NBA Infinite:

NBA Infinite has some cool features that are:

Play Like Real Basketball:

NBA Infinite makes you feel like you’re really playing basketball. The game is designed to be just like the real thing, but on your phone.

Different Game Choices:

You can pick from different ways to play. Want to team up with friends?Try the Triple Threat mode. Feel like taking on a challenge alone? The 1v1 mode is for you. There are many modes to explore.

Get NBA Star Players:

Collect your favourite NBA players and make your dream team. Each player has special moves. You can make them even better by levelling up. 

Power Moves:

You get to do all the cool moves you see in real basketball games. Tricks, passes, and other shots.

Make Your Team the Best:

Be the boss of your team. Make smart choices to make them super good. Upgrade your coaches, so your team can win games.

Play with Friends:

Team up with your friends in 3v3,5v5 mode or challenge them in 1v1 games. You can even show off your best moves to players around the world. 

Play Globally:

It’s not just about playing with friends, NBA Infinite lets you compete with players worldwide. Be a top virtual basketball player on the global stage.

Connect with the Community:

Stay connected with friends, players, and fans through social platforms. Share your victories, talk about strategies, and celebrate the love for basketball together.

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How to Play NBA Infinite?

  1. Download the Game:

Download the “NBA Infinite” from by clicking on the download button.

  1. Build Your Team:

Collect cards of NBA players. Each card is like having that player in your team. Make them stronger by levelling up.

  1. Choose Your Game:

Pick how you want to play. You can choose to play alone or with friends.

  1. Play Basketball on Your Phone:

Use your fingers to control your players. It’s easy to just tap and swipe. Make your players do amazing shoots on the court.

  1. Make Smart Choices:

Be the boss of your team. Upgrade your coaches to make your team even better. Win games.

  1. Challenge Others:

Play against friends or anyone online. Show them your skills.

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NBA Infinite Mod Apk is more than just a game, it’s your personal basketball playground on your mobile. Feel the thrill of real basketball action, from making shoots to forming your dream team with NBA superstars. With various game modes, you can play with friends or take on global challenges.