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37 MB


Android 8 and up

March 5, 2024

MOD Includes Unlimited Money

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World Soccer League Mod Apk

World Soccer League MOD APK is a mobile soccer game in which players can play soccer online and they choose their own team. The focus of the game is on providing a realistic soccer experience.

Players need to strategize, coordinate team positions, and learn teamwork to outsmart opponents. The controls are user-friendly, involving on-screen navigation keys, taps for passing and shooting, and swipes for dribbling past opponents. 

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Main Features of World Soccer League:

The main features of World Soccer League are:

Different Teams:

The World Soccer League has diverse teams, about 60 from different countries, 60 clubs, and 2000 players. This diversity allows players to choose their favourite teams and experience unique playing styles. 

Various Game Modes:

The game has four game modes that are Exhibition, Cup, League, and Training. You can have a quick game, join a cup competition, play in a league, or practise your skills in training. 

Realistic Soccer Experience:

The game offers realistic soccer gameplay, allowing players to experience real excitement of the soccer. You can perform great moves and take exciting shots

Capture Moments:

Players have the opportunity to save great moments from their matches by capturing images or recording videos. This feature allows you to relive exciting goals, crucial saves, and other memorable events. 

Team Customization:

You can customise your team the way you want. Choose your team’s colours, decide players and make your team look and play just the way you like. 


The World Soccer League has impressive 3D graphics. The visuals are smooth and carefully designed to give you a great viewing experience. XP Soccer Mod APK can be also be considered if you don’t care for graphics as it has pixelated graphics just like Minecraft.

Offline Play:

One great thing about this game is that you don’t need an internet connection to play. It’s an offline game, so you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere, without worrying about network issues. 

Smooth Controls:

Controlling your players and the ball is easy. The navigation keys are well-placed and don’t block your view. Even new players can quickly understand and enjoy the game. 

Player Diversity:

With 60 national teams and 60 clubs, you get a diverse range of players to choose from. Each player has different strengths and skills, making the game more interesting. 

Language Support:

The game supports 15 different languages. You can play comfortably in your preferred language. 

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How to Play the World Soccer League?

  1. Download:
  • Download the “World Soccer League” from apksolider. com by clicking on the download button. 
  1. Team Selection:
  • Choose your favourite team from a wide selection of 60 national teams and 60 clubs. 
  • Pick players with different skills to strengthen your team. 
  1. Play in Different Modes:
  • Practice: Warm up and improve your skills. 
  • Exhibition: Play friendly matches. 
  • Cup: Compete in a knockout tournament. 
  • League: Participate in a league competition. 
  • Training: Hone your skills and strategies. 
  1. Master Controls:
  • Use on-screen navigation keys to move players. 
  • Tap to pass or shoot the ball. 
  • Swipe to dribble past opponents. 
  1. Plan Strategies:
  • Plan tactics based on your team’s strengths. 
  • Coordinate player positions for effective gameplay. 
  • Focus on teamwork to outsmart opponents. 
  1. Learn to Score:
  • Move the ball strategically to score goals. 
  • Shoot accurately to beat the goalkeeper. 
  • Defend your goal to prevent the opponent from scoring. 
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World Soccer League MOD APK

World Soccer League Unlimited Money APK is a diverse mobile soccer game that offers realistic gameplay and various modes. With 60 national teams, customizable features, and offline play,  to soccer players worldwide. The smooth controls, impressive graphics, and language support make it accessible for players of all levels.