Payback Showdown - AFK Fighting RPG Mod Apk

Payback Showdown – AFK Fighting RPG Mod Apk v1.0.1

App NamePayback Showdown
Size90 MB
MOD FeatureUnlimited money
RequirementsAndroid 5 and up
Last UpdatedMarch 6, 2024

Payback Showdown Mod APK

Seeking revenge in Payback Showdown Mod APK is not easy and it comes with its circumstances. Get ready to avenge the death of your father by training in various martial art camps and strengthening yourself. You are the only one that can limit yourself and it is now up to you to devise whatever strategy that you deem useful.

With the character customization feature provided, hop on to create a character of your choice and dive into the game full of revenge and evil energy. The ninja style armor present will aid the player to battle the opponents successfully and utilize their martial arts skills during the process. To add to all this is the detailed environment and the realistic graphics present. 

Game Features 

The in-game features present in Payback Showdown are

Story-driven campaign 

One of the best parts about the game is that it features a story-driven campaign, with each event linked to the previous one through some history. A series of missions are present in the game and all of these will be some dots that connect together to form a full whole scenario. Although based on a fictional story, the whole gameplay revolves around taking revenge from your enemies to avenge the death of the protagonist’s father. 

Character customization 

With the character customization feature, players can customize the overall appearance of their players and make them look much more stylish than before. A number of accessories are available which can be used to personalize the overall look of the protagonist. 

Skill Tree 

A Skill Tree is present in the game which consists of various upgrades and other abilities and as soon as the player proceeds further, many of these abilities will be unlocked. Various missions have to be completed in order to get these while the upgrades will be provided throughout various stages in the game. 

Multiplayer Mode 

With the multiplayer mode provided, users can now compete against their friends and other online gamers to have more fun. Also, players can opt for this multiplayer feature among the various game modes provided like capture the flag mode, death match, and much more. 

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Dynamic weather system 

There’s a dynamic weather system which affects almost every part about the game. The players will feel the change of weather in every game like the sun shining bright on some days while on others, there’s a heavy rain. Driving would be seriously affected under the latter circumstances and so on.

Mod Features 

  • Unlimited Gems and Gold
  • Free Purchase


The mod version of the game allows an unlimited amount of in-game money, which will allow the players to make free purchases of anything they want.

There aren’t that many cheats of Payback Showdown but the players can access the mod version in order to enjoy unlimited amounts of resources.


Payback Showdown MOD APK features an action packed game where the protagonist will be seen avenging the death of his father. With the multiplayer mode provided, users can compete against other players online to have more fun.