Reverse 1999 MOD APK

Reverse: 1999 MOD APK v1.4.0 (Unlimited Money/All Characters Unlocked)

App NameReverse: 1999
Size2 GB
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeatureUnlimited Money
RequirementsAndroid 5.1 and up
Last UpdatedMarch 4, 2024

Reverse: 1999 MOD APK is a great role-playing game that involves time-traveling within the context of the 20th century. This mobile game is different from other RPG games as it creates a doorway to past and future times where you can enjoy beauty, danger, and adventure in different times.

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The Bluepoch crafted Reverse: 1999 that captivates gamers with its art, style, and immersive storytelling. In this article, we will have a look at the features of this game and will discuss how you can download the mod version with different blocked features for free. So let’s get started. 

An Overview of Reverse: 1999 MOD APK

The Breathtaking game is based on a plot that involves the exciting idea of time traveling. Players are brown into unknown territories of the past where they have to explore the secrets buried there and solve the mysteries.

The graphics and visuals are extraordinary. The game is crafted with Pop art and oil painting coverage of bygone times and painting of the current as a modern aesthetic that makes the game refreshing for the players and that’s why players love this game from the bottom of their hearts. 

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Every feature of Reverse: 1999 adds a unique experience to the player’s list. The game is exciting and has a haunting experience. Here we will have a detailed look into the features of the game that make the game more exciting and worth playing. 

Mind-blowing Visuals And Modern Aesthetics

Reverse: 1999 is crafted with style and art. The game’s main features are remarkable visuals that awe the players. The game is a blend of new and old panorama to give a time-traveling vibe to the players. 

Great Story

The reason why this game is more captivating is because of the story. The game is developed on a story in which a mysterious storm makes the time run backward. Players go on a quest to unveil the mysteries of the new world that is filled with wonder.

Magic and surprise danger. The game is cinematically crafted and takes the players in the 20th century Odyssey where each part of the game is a piece of a puzzle you have to solve.

Game Characters and Voice 

There are a lot of characters you would find in Reverse 1999. Each character has precise skills. These characters, like in animated movies, come to life because of voice features. This feature makes the game more real and keeps the players interested.

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Knowledge of Historical Events

The game takes the players into the 20th century. It also unlocked various events across periods. You will learn different things about that specific era and about significant activities of that period that will help you solve the mystical event.

Arcane Spell and Incantation 

To solve the mysteries and win the game players need to learn more strategies like the art of arcane spells and weaving incantations. It requires adaptation and a smart mind as each spell solves a part of the puzzle that brings you closer to deeper mysteries. 

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Tips For the Beginners

In Reverse: 1999 being smart and cunning will help you win the game. Here are our few tips that will help you be a better player and help you solve the puzzle and mysteries of the 20th-century mystic world.

  1. The game is all about team play and building a balanced team that has wisdom, strength, and magic.
  2. As spelling is the most important part of the game, use it wisely. Magic is the power you have so respect it and use it with care.  
  3. Get the weak points of your enemies. The weaknesses will help you to overcome them and win the game.
  4. Explore each era to find hidden treasures.
  5. Save the game often so you don’t lose your progress in the game. 

How to Download Reverse: 1999 Mod apk

Reverse: 1999 is an exciting game for people who love time traveling and want to go back in time to solve mysteries and magic. You can download it from the Google Play Store for free.

But to download the game without any ads and disturbing features and to have access to all the exciting functions and resources for free you can download the mod version of Reverse: 1999 from this website.


Is Reverse: 1999 MOD APK free to download?

Yes, it is completely free to download from the Google Play Store. But to access all the features, and characters and to play without disturbing ads you can download the mod version of Reverse: 1999 from the link given here. 

Is Reverse: 1999 Android Game?

Yes, Bluepoch released this game and can be played on iOS, Android, and PC. It allows players to experience the flow of time in reverse and gives them a platform to unfold the mysteries of time.