Star Equestrian - Horse Ranch MOD APK

Star Equestrian – Horse Ranch MOD APK v340 Download For Android

App NameStar Equestrian – Horse Ranch
Size151 MB
MOD FeatureUnlimited money
RequirementsAndroid 5 and up
Last UpdatedMarch 5, 2024

Star Equestrian – Horse Ranch Mod APK

Saddle up and indulge in the mesmerizing world of Star Equestrian – Horse Ranch Mod APK where the bond between horses and humans knows no bounds. Take a ride across captivating landscapes and get a chance to explore lush green forests and bustling cities. 

No matter if you are a professional equestrian or a curious novice, this game will take you on a whole new journey of fun and entertainment. Uncover the mystery that lies behind the disappearance of Snowdrop and indulge in some of the most daring adventures presented out there. 

Above all, Star Equestrian- Horse Ranch downloadable content allows the players to unleash their creativity to the fullest by providing customizable avatars, which can be molded as per preferences. 

Take on exciting quests 

Take on some of the most exciting quests in the epic Star Equestrian- Horse Ranch gameplay and explore around the vast landscapes present. From participating in thrilling competitions to taking a cross country ride on your horse, this game has a lot to offer. It is essential that you train your horse prior to riding it because this will make your exploration quest far easier. Every quest is a challenge of its own and will bring some of the most unique rewards upon completion. 

Search for your missing horse: Snowdrop 

The most interesting aspect in this horse game is its indulging storyline. Snowdrop was your majestic rescue horse which vanished after an undesirable accident and it is now up to you to uncover the mystery that lies behind its disappearance. Although it has been years since Snowdrop went away, its memories will remain with you till forever. Search for every hidden place in order to find your beloved animal. 

Explore the world of Evervale 

Traverse across the picturesque meadows and lush green untamed forests present in Evervale on your journey towards finding the lost horse. Various hurdles and obstacles will come your way during this process and you will have to strive hard in order to overcome these. Unlock new areas to explore and take a look at some of the most mysterious locations to check if Snowdrop hides there. 

Customize your horse

This horse game apk mod takes your creativity to a whole new level by allowing you to customize your avatar as well as your horse according to your desires. You will proceed by opting for either male or female rider and then keep on adding the accessories according to that.

From making your rider look professional to modifying your horse in such a manner that it looks the best among all, Star Equestrian is one of the best games when it comes to providing customizability options. 

Build your own stable 

Build and customize your own ranch and make it one of the most thriving stables in town. All the customization powers rest in your hands and you can make whatever modifications you want to with this pasture so that your horses can find a perfect warm and cozy place to live.

Start by creating a layout of your choice and then keep on adding some furnishing items to accommodate the needs of everyone present there. Make it stand out from other pastures to attract some visitors too. 

What likes about Star Equestrian – Horse Ranch Mod APK?

An epic combination of horseback riding along with the challenges and rewards of managing your own ranch- this game has surely taken the adventure of horse riding to a whole new level. With the indulging storyline and heart wrenching quests, Star Equestrian – Horse Ranch Mod APK is something that players are definitely going to cherish to the core. 

What’s best about it is not the out of the box storyline but the life-like graphics along with the detailed background environment, which makes the player feel as if he was actually present inside it. 

To add to all this is the Star Equestrian- Horse Ranch gameplay, which strikes an ideal balance between realism and entertainment. Indulge in the world of this mind capturing equestrian journey and roam around the world endlessly. 

Mod Features 

The mod features of the game are

  • Unlimited Money
  • Free Purchase 
  • No Ads 

Unlimited Money 

An unlimited amount of money available through the mod version aids the players in buying whatever they want to. Not only this, players can also constantly level up their horses as well as their stables using this feature. 

Free Shopping 

With the unlimited money present in the mod version of the game, you are free to shop for whatever you want to. You can buy various accessories to customize your avatar, making it look much more unique than others. 


You can easily download the game on your PC by using some emulator like Bluestacks. First of all, download the emulator on your PC and then look for the game in the search bar in order to download it.

Yes, Star Equestrian is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can access the mod version with the link provided.

Star Equestrian-Horse Ranch MOD APK is a must play for every horse enthusiast out there and thanks to its fleshed-out storyline, players will feel themselves connected to the main character; Snowdrop.