top war battle game mod apk

Top War Battle Game Mod APK v1.444.0 (Unlimited money, gems) Download

App NameTop War MOD APK
Version v1.444.0
Size811.50 MB
MOD FeatureUnlimited money 
RequirementsAndroid 5 and up
Last UpdatedJuly 12, 2024

What is Top War?

Top War is a battle game in which you have to fight with your opponents to expand your territory. Top war battle is an award winning game. You have to make your own army to fight with others but first you have to learn the war techniques.  This game involves making strategies for war which you can use against your enemies. You make your own units and try to expand your land by defeating other units in your territory.

Become a Warrior

The game offers you the experience of the real warrior who has to survive longer because this game has a feature in which you have to build your own unit. You have to make your army strong to fight with the enemies. So you become a soldier and face all the challenges. 

Fight with Enemies

The main aim of the Top War is to fight with the enemies and use your army for the battle. You use your troop to loot the resources of your opponents for your own unit. You have to unlock your unit by completing the game missions and challenges.

Colossal Army Units

Top War has an awesome feature in which you will get more than 250 units which you use for your defense. You unlock these units step by step as you complete the game challenges and missions.

You use these units for air, water and ground defense for the protection of your army.  You have to use all the units for making your strong security system and winning the game.

Diverse Battle Modes

Top War has multiple battle modes which the gamers will enjoy. You will never get bored after playing this game. It is a very thrilling game and fun to fight as a warrior. You will unlock all these battle modes step by step as you complete the game missions.

Fabulous Game themes

The game allows you to change the themes according to your choice. There are 4 themes available for you. You can choose from Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Ancient and modern. There are almost five themed backgrounds with the matching troops. You can change these theme colours at any time you want. 

Intense Battle with Heroes

In this game,you will get more than 40 heroes which you can use in wars. Every single player in this game has different strengths and powers. You choose your best hero who can lead your army and the best thing is that you can also enhance the power of your heroes when you win each battle. As you complete the missions, you will have access to enhance your hero strength and unlock many other astonishing game features.

Develop your Land

The astonishing feature of Top War is that you will be getting an abandoned piece of land and you will take the charge of that island. Your army troop will decorate that piece of land with all your instructions. You will use your army to furnish that land for you.

Astounding Graphics Of Top War

The eye-catching thing in any game is its graphics. This game has 3D colourful graphics that attracts you towards your missions. You get real pleasure by playing this game with captivating graphics and realistic visuals. The amazing sound system of the game is also mind blowing. You will have the sensation of a real warrior by completing the game missions.


Top War MOD APK is very fun to play but it can be frustrating sometimes because you are never guaranteed that you will win. Training and upgrading your army soldiers is the real excitement of the game. It is a famous world-wide game that includes tons of adventure for players!.


Is Top War MOD APK Safe to use?

Yes, this modified version is safe and free to use.

How many units are added in the Top War MOD APK?

There are more than 250 units in this game.

Can we play this game with friends?

Yes, you can play this game with your friends, because it is an online game. You can invite your friends from all over the world and play this game. It is an attractive feature for most of the players.

How do I collect resources in the game?

You will have to use the peasants for this purpose.

What are some strategies involved in Top War?

An effective strategy is to build up an army that will protect you and you can easily complete game challenges.