Episode mod apk

Episode MOD APK v25.10 (Premium Choices Unlocked/Gems)

App NameEpisode MOD APK
MOD FeatureUnlimited Money/Gems
RequirementsAndroid 5 and up
Last UpdatedFebruary 28, 2024

Episode MOD APK

Episode – Choose Your Story is the best simulation android game, with a huge library of stories, available on the Google Play Store. The trend of the simulation games got up when the Episode game was released. This game basically consists of thousands of storylines from which users have a choice to select and play. Every story is different, and it goes deep further to varying scenarios according to the choices made by the user.

Episode Choose Your Story Update APK

Once you are here and downloaded the apk file of the episode choose your story modded apk, you will not need to go anywhere to get the latest version of this game as our team will be frequently updating the article and as well as the apk file. With every update, new stories are added. If you wish to write and publish your own story, then you should use the episode choose your story writer portal. Love on Fire, Rule Breaker and Operation Quarterback are the stories which have been added in the last update.

The game is developed in such a way that it also gives out user-generated stories. It means that where the user goes or made a choice, a new story is made instantly based on his interests and selected storyline. There are three types of storylines, including IP licensed stories. The IP licensed stories include:

  • Clueless
  • Pitch Perfect
  • Cameron Dallas
  • Pretty Little Liars
  • Means Girls

And many more!

Episode Choose Your Story 2

Ever since the Episode game was released, its ratio of downloads is increasing day by day as people love to be a hero or the main character in their own story. So, there are many rumors that the developer of this game might be working on the second part, or there are chances that Episode Choose Your Story 2 might come to the app stores soon. But sadly, there is no official announcement from the creator about the incoming second part of the Episode. So, we must say that there are no chances of Episode Choose Your Story 2 being released anytime soon.

Is Episode Choose Your Story Safe?

There is an increase in the number of these kinds of games. In such games, one can make their own story or choose one of their favorites from the collection of stories. Talking about this game, We can say that this game has scenes or stories that should not be seen or interacted with by a kid or teen as it could have a bad effect on them. So, that’s why on the common sense media, parents have given ratings to the episode game that it is good for 14+, while on the other hand, kids have rated it for 13+.

Seeing the response, Google Play Store has rated the game Mature, while the iOS app store of the ios has rated it for 12+. Aside from this, parents can keep an eye on their children if they are too concerned about it. There are too many spy apps that can help the parents see the activity on their children’s phones. However, smartphones of today’s world already have Kids Mode, which can be very helpful for parents.

Game Like Episode Choose Your Story

We have many games under the category of simulation, such as Idle Ants Mod Apk, Jurassic World Mod Apk, and many others. However, Chapters Mod Apk is the game whose gameplay is the same as the Episode Choose Your Story.

Features of Episode Choose Your Story

Customize Yourself

As it is a simulation game, it allows you to create a character or avatar which will be representing you throughout the game. At the start of the game, you will be given choices to opt-out of the hobbies and choose your avatar’s look. This game also offers made-up characters from which you have to select one and start the game without designing any avatar. But many people would like to create their own avatars as it gives them emotional feelings. The customization section has many things like the face, hair, nose, eyes, and lips of your character.

Exciting Stories

There is a lot of coverage of different stories. The ending of one story is always different depending upon the decisions made by the user at every scene. The scenes in the game are the ones that we have to face or go through in our lives at some points. You can also experience the different results of one story by playing it again and again. Usually, every scene consists of one question to which you have to respond with three given choices. You are free to select any option.

Cinematic Experience

The cinematic experience of Episode – Choose Your Story makes you feel like you are really into the game. While going through the game, you will be impressed by the graphics of the stories. Each story is designed by different developers and illustrators, which makes every story a special one.

All the characters in this game have separate charm, either they belong to horror or a romantic storyline. This game is exactly like novels and their storytelling style.

The Working of Episode Choose Your Story

Since Episode – Choose Your Story, the story anthology, has been released, it has changed the mobile game world’s whole scenario because of its new taste in mobile games and the latest graphics. As soon as you select the story, you are sent to that world.

This game will give you the situations, and you will have to act accordingly with the given choices. Each story ends differently, and sometimes, because of the bad endings, you will want to play the same storyline again and again to see a different conclusion.

Create an Episode Story

There are over 150,000 stories in the game, but still, you can create a story of your own choice with the desired storyline, characters, and animations. So, this turns the name from Episode Choose Your Story to Episode Make Your Story. You are given a portal where you can write the script of the story. There will be no difficulty as you are given a tutorial about how you can make a story of your own. The script tools help you to edit the scenes, labels, and conditions.

At the same time, the library section allows the story maker to play with the backgrounds, weather effects, filters, sounds, characters, outfits, and many other things. When done with creating a scene, one can preview it rather than making the whole story and viewing it at the end. You can have a discussion with the professionals or the game developers using support or forums if you have any difficulty making a story.

Episode Choose Your Story Mod Apk

The users of this game are increasing day by day. So, we decided to provide you Episode Mod Apk. The modded version of Episode comes with many premium features, including premium stories, realistic animations, and many other things. Well, that’s not enough description of these features. Let’s discuss the features in detail.

Episode MOD Features

No Ads

In This game, you will not have to face sticky ads during the gameplay. Ads are the most disturbing part of any mobile game, and users don’t like them. They want to continue their gameplay without any pause. So, that’s why there are no ads in Episodes Mod Apk.

Unlimited Gems and Passes

In this modded apk, Unlimited Gems and passes are given, which means that you can buy anything from the store to design your avatar without spending any money. It also helps to unlock all the features which are to be purchased by spending money.

Premium Stories Unlocked

The best feature of this mod apk is that all the premium stories are unlocked. You don’t have to spend money buying premium stories from now on, as they will be unlocked from the start. So, just download and install the Episode Modded Apk to enjoy the premium stories for free.

Free Diamonds For Episode

In Episode Mod Apk, you also get unlimited diamonds that are a kind of currency in the game used to buy specific items. There are many old tricks told in the youtube videos to get free diamonds, but this mod will not waste your time as it already has diamonds in it.

Download Episode Choose Your Story MOD APK

  • To Download Episode Choose Your Story Mod Apk, click on the link given in the download section.
  • After the download is complete, install the game by allowing permissions.
  • Enjoy Episode with unlimited gems!

Episode Mod APK IOS

To get the Modded APK of Episode on IOS, you need to have to rooted iPhone or iPad to install and play the modded version of this game. If you find any good android emulator for the IOS, then it is also a good option to consider because we only offer the apk file which can only be installed on an android device.

FAQs: Episode MOD APK

Is the app episode inappropriate?

A guidance to the parents is given as this game is marked as “Mature” on Google Play Store.

Do episode writers get paid?

Yes, Episode writers do get paid.

Can you play Episode choose your story offline?

Yes, you can play Episode Game Apk offline.

Is Episode Choose Your Story Apk Mod safe to install?

Yes, Episode Apk Mod is safe to download and install.

What is the Episode Writer Portal?

It is a portal where you can make your own stories using different characters, backgrounds and effects.

How to get free gems on episode without downloading apps?

There’s no other way to get free gems on episode except downloading episode interactive apk mod.

How to get free passes and gems on episode?

To get free gems and passes in episode, you can download the modded version of  episode from the download link given above.

How to Get Free Diamonds on Episode?

Just like we get free gems and passes in episode mod apk, it also offers free diamonds.


Start the game and enjoy the different stories. The modded version of Episode has added more fun in the game as all the premium features are unlocked, and you don’t have to buy anything. Just install and start the game to enjoy all the features of Episode Mod APK.

We will keep updating this article according to the updates of the Episode – Choose Your Story. Suppose you find any problem while installing the game or if the apk file is not working. Then let us know in the comment section. We will help you as soon as possible.