How to dupe items in Minecraft? – Duplicate Items

Minecraft offers a vast world with plenty of items in it. Many players wish to duplicate these items to get more of them. Have you ever wanted to have more items too but didn’t know the possible ways to do so without using any cheats? Well, if you are also one of those players wishing to find a way to duplicate items in the game to enjoy more resources, the below guide is going to prove a lot of help. 

How to dupe items in Minecraft?

Understanding the mechanics of item duplication 

Item duplication feature in Minecraft refers to making a large number of copies of the in-game resources which were not present in vast quantities before. This feature served to be really valuable for users who did not want to put significant effort in collecting items all the time.

Also, devising a strategy became far easier through this especially in the survival mode. However, one problem is that this feature is not available anymore as the developers have discontinued it. A glitch in the game caused the items to be duplicated and this resulted in an abundance of in-game resources.

Steps to duplicate items in Minecraft

If players still want to duplicate items in the game, consider following the below mentioned steps

  • To proceed with, hold the item that you intend to duplicate. 
  • Place a chest right in front of you. 
  • Now, put this item inside the chest in order to duplicate it. 
  • Close the by hitting the close option available at the corner.
  • After this, open the chest and touch the item that you just placed inside it. Not only this, you must also go to your inventory and touch the duplicated item of the one that you placed inside the chest. 
  • Save the game and close it. When you log in your world again, you will find that the item has been duplicated. 

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What is the Alt f4 dupe method?

The Alt f4 method compels the users to drop the item they wish to duplicate and then save the game and close it. Log into your world again and then hold the items and close the window. After this, you must open the game again and reload your world and the duplicated items will appear in your inventory. 

Can you still dupe in Minecraft?

No, duplicating items is a discontinued feature in Minecraft and isn’t available anymore. This is particularly because of the fact that the developers noticed an increase in the quantity of in-game resources which was making the game quite dull. 

In short

Duplicating refers to making copies of items to increase them in number. While duplication is a discontinued feature in Minecraft, players can consider copying the items through the usage of a chest.

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