What is The Fastest Ice in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a very popular game based on blocks and it contains many detailed and additional features which may be considered one of the key reasons behind its massive popularity. Ice is also a solid block present in the Minecraft game which can be found in naturally snowy biomes like frozen rivers and oceans.

What Is The Fastest Ice In Minecraft?

There is no need to use various tools in order to break this block as is done for other blocks, as ice blocks melt themselves when placed near the heat block. These ice blocks play a very important role in the game as they will enable the items and entities to gain a faster pace in the direction of water flow. The question now arises, which is the fastest ice in Minecraft?

Blue ice can be considered the fastest in Minecraft as it resembles the packed ice. You can craft this ice yourself by adjoining 9 packed ice blocks present in the crafting table. It can normally be found present on icebergs. Many of the other ice blocks present in the game will melt as soon as you place them near the light blocks, but no such case is there for the blue ice.

Is packed ice faster than ice?

Normally, packed ice is very fast and can be created by enchanting it with Silk Touch, among which, pickaxe has the greatest pace. But to be very clear, in the Java Edition, blue ice is still faster than any other normal or packed ice as it has a velocity of about 75 meter per second.

While the other ice blocks, including the normal ice and packed one, have a maximum velocity of 40 meters per second. Also, it must be noted that these ice can be crafted in Minecraft using Frost Walker enchantment with frozen water.

How to get blue ice in Minecraft?

As blue ice is the fastest and resultantly, the most useful one, so most of the players are in a constant search of it. To your knowledge, these blue ice blocks can be found present on icebergs in natural snowy locations.

Also, they can be crafted by the player by the items present in the inventory. For this purpose, you will require 9 packed ice from the crafting table and proceed to combine them all. This blue ice will prove to be very useful as you can trade it in exchange for various items like emeralds, and much more.

FAQs: Fastest Ice in Minecraft

What ice makes you go faster in Minecraft?

Blue ice can be considered the fastest in Minecraft as it is very slippery and allows increased speed of items and other entities when placed under the water currents.

Is blue ice faster than packed ice?

Yes, blue ice can be considered faster than packed ice, but one special feature of packed ice is that it will make a unique chiming sound when placed under a Note block.

Which ice block is fastest?

Among all the types of ice present in Minecraft, Blue Ice can be considered the fastest and it uses nine packed ice blocks to craft.

What melts ice in Minecraft?

In the Education and Bedrock editions of the game, ice melts when placed near the heat block, but it does not melt when placed under the sunlight.


Minecraft is a very popular game played by people of all ages alike and features many amazing blocks including ice blocks. These blocks aid in enhancing the speed of the items floating over water and among all of these ice blocks, blue ice can be considered the fastest.

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