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245 MB

Role Playing

Android 7 and up

March 5, 2024

MOD Includes Unlimited Money

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Potion Permit Mod Apk is a game where players become skilled chemists in the magical town of Moonbury. Players heal residents and upgrade the town, players diagnose illnesses, gather ingredients, and brew potions. The game features town upgrades, relationship-building, exploration, and even romantic storylines. Game has a mobile-friendly interface.

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Main Features of Potion Permit:

The main features of Potion Permit are:

Healing Adventure:

Go on an exciting journey to make people in Moonbury feel better. Your role as a skilled chemist involves diagnosing illnesses, gathering rare ingredients, and crafting powerful potions.The more you help people heal , the better the town becomes.

Town Revitalization:

Take charge of Moonbury’s growth by upgrading buildings and expanding gathering areas.This helps the town grow and makes lives happier.Witness the positive impact of your decisions on the town’s development.

Relationship Building:

Create meaningful connections with Moonbury’s residents, each with unique stories and ailments. Make choices that influence relationships, and explore romantic storylines with chosen sweethearts. The game adds a personal touch by allowing players to navigate the complexities of interpersonal connections.

Loyal Companion:

Team up with a loyal dog companion that accompanies you on your healing journey. Experience the joy of having a faithful friend who not only follows you but also provides assistance.

Serene Apothecary Life:

Enjoy a peaceful life in Moonbury with its beautiful landscapes and colourful surroundings. The game creates a serene atmosphere, allowing players to unwind and enjoy a calming gaming experience as skilled chemists in magical towns.

Upgraded for Mobile:

The game has a new look just for mobiles. Unlock Game Center achievements, share progress across devices with Cloud Save, and enhance gameplay with MFi controller compatibility. The game is optimised for a smooth and enjoyable mobile experience.

Interesting Storytelling:

The game’s story changes based on your choices. So, each time you play, you might discover new and exciting things. The game’s storytelling adds depth and replay value to the gaming experience.

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Explore Town:

Explore diverse places in Moonbury, like libraries and magical gardens. Find clues, gather special stuff for your potions, and unlock secrets. The game rewards you for being curious and exploring.

Relaxing Atmosphere:

Feel the calm and relaxing vibe of Moonbury. The serene atmosphere of Moonbury creates a calming backdrop as you progress through quests. Whether you’re making potions or making friends, the game lets you have a good time in a peaceful and enjoyable way.

Appealing Pixel Art Graphics:

Experience the appeal of 2D pixel art graphics. The game’s visuals bring Moonbury to life, with pixel-perfect details enhancing the overall aesthetic. From character design to potion crafting animations, the pixel art adds a unique and visually pleasing element to the game.

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How to Play Potion Permit?

  1. Download:
  • Download the “Potion Permit” from apksolider.com by clicking on the download button.
  1. Understanding Your Role:
  • You are a skilled chemist in the magical town of Moonbury.
  • Your goal is to help the residents by diagnosing illnesses and creating potions to cure them.
  1. Healing Adventures:
  • Receive requests from the townspeople with various health issues.
  • Use your diagnostic skills to figure out the illnesses.
  • Collect special ingredients needed for the potions.
  1. Town Upgrade:
  • Upgrade buildings in Moonbury to make the town better.
  • Expand gathering areas to accommodate more resources.
  1. Storytelling:
  • Make choices that impact the storyline.
  • Discover new elements and outcomes with each level.
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Potion Permit Mod Apk

Potion Permit Mod APK lets you become a skilled chemist in a magical town. Brew potions, heal residents, explore, build relationships, and watch the town flourish. You can enjoy charming pixel art, dynamic story, and relaxing atmosphere. Bad 2 Bad Apocalypse Mod APK can also be of great choice since it is also a role playing game and has a lot of action in it.