Akuma Tekken 7 – Intro & Moves List

Akuma, which means Great Devil in Japanese, is a guest character which appeared in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution. This player is inspired from the Street Fighter Game series and is believed to have killed his own Master: Goutetsu. As the name of the player indicates, Akuma is a very ferocious and brutal opponent and you won’t wish to fight against him at all. Akuma is believed to be in an alleged relationship with Heihachi’s wife, Kazumi Mishima, who is thought to have saved Akuma’s life once in the game.

Akuma Tekken 7

He has a very blurry past and was actually trained to be the master of Ansatsuken which is a martial arts type in Japan. Akuma has a very unique set of moves and possesses thermal powers which will help him gain more momentum in the game. His main target in the game is Heihachi Mishima, who he severely dislikes and once tried to kill him too. With his awesome moves set, Akuma is considered one of the most hardcore fighters in the game.

Akuma Tekken 7 Super

Akuma has a lot of special moves and combos, and super move is one of them. To use the super move, click square, square, forward X in order to hit the combo. Also, these are just ordinary moves of Akuma which give two punches/kicks instead of one.

If you are using a PS4 controller, you will have to use its triangle and square button. You can try this move very easily as there are a lot of YouTube videos which show a step by step tutorial for Akuma’s moves and their implementation. Following is a list of moves which can be further practiced through videos and continuous playing.

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Akuma Tekken 7 Moves List

The moves list of Akuma in Tekken 7 is:


  • Goshoha (1+3) front type
  • Syuretto (2+4) front type
  • Syuretto (1+3) left type 
  • Goshoha (1+3) right type
  • Goshoha (1+3) back type


  • Messatsu Gohado
  • Onikubigari
  • Ryujinkyaku
  • Ki Charge
  • Focus Attack
  • Kikoku Renzan
  • Roppu Tubushi
  • Kimon Rentotsu
  • Kimon Rendan
  • Sengeki
  • Zugaihasatsu
  • Hisenkyaku
  • Ashibarai
  • Kurubushi Kick
  • Shotei
  • Fkusengeki
  • Gokumonkai
  • Kitotsukyaku
  • Yokogeri
  • Gokusatsu Gotenshu
  • Dohatsu Tensho
  • Zugaigohasatsu
  • Gokumonsyo
  • Tenmakujinkyaku
  • Tobisokuto
  • Rakusaishu
  • Gokugeki
  • Gokuten
  • Onikubigiri
  • Maegeri
  • Gokusengeki
  • Hijiotoshi
  • Shizan
  • Totsuhizageri
  • Sotensho
  • Hijuchi
  • Shunjingozan
  • Tenmakuretsukyaku
  • Shunjinkaida
  • Ganretsuzan
  • Shakunetsu Messho
  • Taizankyaku
  • Danretto
  • Gaikaiken
  • Ashibarai
  • Kurubushi Kick
  • Shotei
  • Fkusenshotei
  • Fukusengeki
  • Gokumonkai
  • Kitotsukyaku
  • Yokogeri
  • Gokusatsu Gotenshu
  • Dohatsu Tensho
  • Zugaigohasatsu