How long does it take for your stuff to despawn in Minecraft?

New to Minecraft and don’t have any idea about how to protect your resources? Anyone with a basic knowledge in gaming would have a vague idea about how important it is to collect resources in Minecraft. Doing so may prove to be quite tough at times, as players will find themselves combating against various mobs in order to gather these. 

How long does it take for your stuff to despawn in Minecraft

However, one major problem with these resources is that they disappear under certain scenarios. Consider reading through the below mentioned guide in order to get an insight into all this. 

Understanding items despawning: What happens to abandoned items? 

Many of the players who are new to the game aren’t that clear about items despawning in Minecraft and where they probably go. Keep into account that everything that you have collected in the game would be abandoned once you die in a flame, fire, lava, or any other such thing. 

However, before going deep into this, it is essential that you know that there are some conditions under which the items present with you despawn. 

The very first condition under this scenario is that in case the chunk in which the item is dropped is loaded, that particular item will disappear after 5 minutes. In case it is not, it will remain there till eternity.

On the other hand, if the chunk is constantly loading and unloading, the 5 minute timer will halt. 

Furthermore, items in Minecraft despawn after 6,000 game ticks have been passed. 6,000 game ticks in Minecraft equals 5 minutes in real life and once this time has passed, there is no way for you to get these items back. 

How to respawn items after death?

As mentioned above, the players have no more time than 6,000 game ticks. This means that you only have 5 minutes in hand in order to prevent your items from despawning. 

The point of your death in Minecraft may be uncertain under most cases and finding it may be one of a job. It is for this reason that the developers have added a new item called Recovery Compass to aid you for this purpose. 

You can use this compass to find the exact location of your death and then find the items within 5 minutes of time. 

Another way to prevent your items from despawning is through the usage of the GraveStone mod. As the name of the mod indicates, it will place all the items in a gravestone and the chances of your items despawning will be almost negligible. This means that your items won’t be abandoned after 5 minutes.

The players can also try to keep all their items in a chest so that there are no chances of despawning at all. Not only this, the usage of name tags can also help stop the despawning of items.