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Eternal Evolution MOD APK v1.0.290 (All Episodes Unlocked)

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HK Hero Entertainment Co., Limited


1.21 GB

Role Playing

Android 7 and up

July 12, 2024

MOD Includes Unlimited Money & Gems

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Eternal Evolution Mod Apk is a game that is set in space where you become a hero. You choose your favourite heroes and make a team to fight monsters and explore. Your heroes fight automatically, and the game keeps going even when you’re not playing. It’s always fun with new heroes. The pictures and sounds in the game are pleasing,making you feel like you’re really in space. 

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Main Features of Eternal Evolution:

The main features of Eternal Evolution are:

Different Heroes:

You get to choose from 100 heroes, each one is special. From cyborg Terran angels to robotic soldiers and mythological gods, explore different heroes. 

Fight Battles:

You fight in different battles. Use the best strategies to lead your team in combat,  and become the best. 

Space World:

The game has a sci-fi universe, offering a place where robots and things from the future exist. Whether you prefer a laid-back AFK style or hardcore gaming, this brand new world sets the stage for your fantastic adventure. 

Beautiful Pictures and Sounds:

The game has finely detailed animation, captivating sound design, and breathtaking graphics. Everything is beautiful. It’s like you’re really in a space adventure. 

Catchy Graphics:

The game is evolving continuously, new heroes are being introduced, gameplay modes, features and events. 


This game offers a new adventure every round. You get to experience thrilling adventures. Zombie Waves MOD APK is also a great source of adventure as it is based on zombies.

Endless Progress:

The game keeps on evolving even when you are away. Your heroes keep getting stronger, and you keep making progress. 

Idle Feature:

In Eternal Evolution there is an Idle feature. The Idle feature helps you progress, even when you’re away. 

Stay Updated:

The game is always changing with new heroes, modes, features, and events. It keeps things exciting and ensures you always have something new to explore. 

Connect with Others:

Join the community on social media platforms like Facebook, Discord, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter. Connect with other players, share your experiences, and stay updated on the latest game news. 

Simple Controls:

Playing Eternal Evolution is easy. Just tap and enjoy the adventure. The game is designed for everyone to have fun without any complicated controls. 

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How to Play Eternal Evolution?

  1. Download:
  • Download the “Eternal Evolution” from apksolider. com by clicking on the download button. 
  1. Create Your Hero Team:
  • Choose from 100 heroes. Choose your favourite. 
  • Make a team with robot soldiers, angels, and gods. 
  1. Start a Battle:
  • Tap on “Battle” to enter the fight zone. 
  • Make a strategy to plan how to win battles. 
  1. Win Battles:
  • Your heroes fight automatically. 
  • Make sure to use good plans to beat the monsters. 
  1. Explore the Space World:
  • Explore different places in the game. 
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Eternal Evolution MOD APK

Eternal Evolution Mod Apk is a space game where you pick heroes, fight monsters, and explore. The graphics and sounds are awesome, and the game keeps changing with new stuff. Even when you’re not playing, your heroes get stronger.

There’s a simple “Idle” feature to help you out. Connect with other players on social media, download the game, and start your space adventure with easy controls.