How to earn a dice in Monopoly Go?

Monopoly Go is an Android version of the traditional board game, played all across the globe. Thanks to the multiplayer mode available, this game allows the players to compete against various friends or other online gamers.

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There are some additional features in this online board game which allow the users to build other landmarks along with buying houses.

Players may sometimes run out of dice which will automatically cause the game to halt for that specific person. So the very question here arises, how to get more dice when you are left with none. Below is a detailed guide on how to do so. 

Ways to earn dice in Monopoly Go 

Consider following the below mentioned steps in order to earn a dice in Monopoly Go

Waiting for a long time 

This method does not require any effort and all you will be doing is waiting for some time to earn the dice. Normally, a player gets 5 dice for every hour that he waits and the number may increase as you proceed further in the game. 

Invite other friends 

Inviting your friends to play with you is also a great option to earn dice in the. You can find the ‘Friends’ icon present at the bottom right corner of the screen and then hop on to invite your friends to play with you. Doing so will first require you to connect your Contact list with the game as this will give you an idea about who is on the app. Also, there’s an option to connect the app to Facebook and then invite friends from there. 

Get chance cards 

Chance cards are another great way of obtaining additional dice in Monopoly Go. This feature is also seen present in the original board game and the players can avail the opportunity to earn alot of rewards through this. There are some free rolls provided through these cards but it isn’t certain that you will always get these rolls in chance cards as other bad things can also be present in it. 

Collect shields 

Collecting shields from Property Tiles is also a method of earning dice in the game. After collecting 3 shields in the game, the fourth one that you earn will be transformed into a dice. These shields also prove to be a lot beneficial in protecting your property from other players. 

Compete in Quick Wins 

Some daily challenges will be provided to you if you play the game regularly. These challenges are called Quick Wins which will aid you to get extra dice in Monopoly Go. You don’t have to put some extra effort in attaining these and Quick Win rewards will normally be provided automatically as you play through the game. Just make sure you don’t miss out on them while you are focused on the game. 

Log in to the game everyday 

You can log into the game daily to earn some free dice. Some rewards are granted to you in the form of Daily Treats through which you can avail free cash as well as some dice or tokens. Not only this, participating in some extra events will also get you some dice. 

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Now you can start earning free dice in Monopoly Go

In summary, earning dice in Monopoly Go can be achieved through various methods such as waiting, inviting friends, collecting shields, utilizing chance cards, competing in Quick Wins, and logging in daily. These strategies ensure uninterrupted gameplay and enhance the overall gaming experience.