What is Copper Used For in Minecraft?

Minecraft contains many essential elements in the form of blocks, which can be used for a number of purposes. Copper is also one of the blocks in the game, essential for synthesizing lightning rods and Spyglass.

What Is Copper Used For In Minecraft?

Also, you can mold this block in whatever you want depending upon your desire. All the different forms of copper including copper cuts, blocks, ingots, or slabs have their own varied purposes and functions in the game.

This game is much closer to reality and the copper ore can be considered one of the most essential forms of copper in the game. You can convert raw copper and copper ingots into different blocks of raw metal. When raw copper is smelted, these copper ores and raw copper will then be transformed into copper ingots which can then prove to be essential in crafting lightning blocks and spyglass.

The former proves to be helpful in redirecting the path of lightning strikes and the latter aids in locating locations from afar. Copper blocks in the game serve aesthetic functions too and can also be combined with honeycombs in order to synthesize waxed cut blocks.

Where to find copper in Minecraft?

Like all other natural resources in Minecraft, Copper can also be mined from underground. This copper has two major forms:

  • Regular metal found in the form of stones.
  • A rarer or a unique version of the element, which can only be found deep underground in the form of deepslate.

Copper can also be obtained from zombies. These zombies can be found spawning in the aquatic environment like oceans or rivers and when you kill these mobs of zombies or drown them, they will yield copper ingots on their death.

If you are thinking of mining these copper blocks from underground, then you will require a stone pickaxe in order to do so. These blocks have an orange or turquoise color and they will require a blast furnace for smelting down. After smelting, these blocks will be converted into ingots, which can further be crafted into various other items.


What is the point of copper in Minecraft?

Copper can be used for a number of purposes like creating various tools, armor, and weapons. 

Is copper better than iron in Minecraft?

There is not much difference between both of these blocks as the tools or armor crafted by copper has the same qualities as the one crafted with iron.

Is copper worthless in Minecraft?

No, apparently it may seem that this block is useless in the game but actually there are a number of items that can be made using this block and it can be used for decoration or aesthetic reasons too. 


Minecraft consists of many blocks of various natural resources, of which copper is one. This copper can be found by digging underground or can also be obtained from zombies spawning in various regions.