How Many Blocks are in Minecraft?

How Many Blocks are in Minecraft?

Blocks in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that is entirely based on blocks with very few exceptions in it like snowballs, food, and some other stuff. From the tiniest to the largest detail in the game, everything is made out of blocks. A large number of blocks can be found in Minecraft and each new update in the game brings some more to it.

When counting the number of blocks in the game, it is essential to note that though everything is made out of blocks, still everything isn’t a block. For instance, swords aren’t blocks, air and water may be blocks but they couldn’t be mined etc.

One important aspect to note is that each block cube is unique and does not resemble other blocks. These blocks make up most of the game scenario and are used to be placed from one location to another. There are some special blocks too in Minecraft like Glowstone, Jack o’ Lantern, Sea Lanterns, and much more which are used in lightning underwater dark areas. The exact figure of the number of blocks in the game varies with each new update as there is an addition in the number after every new update.

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Classification of Blocks

The blocks in Minecraft can be classified into three different types based on their transparency levels:

  • Transparent blocks: As the name indicates, these blocks include air and water.
  • Semi-transparent blocks: These blocks include semi-transparent objects like glass and leaves.
  • Opaque blocks: These blocks include opaque objects like cobblestone and wood.

List of all Minecraft Blocks in alphabetical order

Following is the list of Minecraft Blocks in alphabetical order:

A Animal Blocks

B Block Entities

C Compacted Blocks

E End Blocks, Education Edition Blocks

F Fluids, Fungi, Flammable Blocks

G Generated Structure Blocks

J Joke Blocks

L Light Sources

M Manufactured Blocks, Mechanisms, Minecraft Earth Blocks

N Nether Blocks, Natural Blocks, Non-solid blocks

O Ore

P Plants

R Removed Blocks

S Storage

U Utility Blocks

How many blocks and items are in Minecraft?

There are a total of 150 different types of blocks in Minecraft and the list of obtainable items in the game is listed below:

  • 41 books
  • 17 shulker boxes
  • 781 stackable items
  • 36 combat items
  • 39 tipped items
  • 63 potions 
  • 27 tools

FAQs: Minecraft Blocks

How many blocks and items are there in Minecraft 2021?

There are a total of up to 150 blocks in Minecraft which also include many other environmental features like air and water and other various sorts of utility blocks, wood, wool, slabs and much more.

How many blocks are there in a Minecraft world?

There are almost 256 blocks in the Minecraft world.

How many items is 2020 Minecraft?

Minecraft has a large collection of blocks and items consisting of up to 400 different unique items.