Why do my villagers start breeding and then stop?

Within the vast realm of creativity and exploration lie some tiny villages and their inhabitants, who tend to breed at times. Breeding is a quite common feature in Minecraft, where various kinds of mobs are often seen interacting with each other.

Why do my villagers start breeding and then stop?

While players do enjoy this whimsical experience, it is quite absurd that some villagers stop breeding at times. Keep into account that just providing food items to the villagers won’t compel them to breed because there are other essential requirements for them to do so.

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Reasons why your villagers have stopped breeding

Following are some of the reasons why your villagers are not breeding anymore

No Food 

The unavailability of food items hinders the normal breeding process of villagers. Normally, other mobs can be fed with a singular food product to make them enter a love mode, but such a scenario does not exist in case of villagers.

Every villager has an independent inventory of their own and each of them will require either 12 potatoes, 12 carrots, 3 loaves of bread, or 12 beetroots in order to start breeding.

Players must drop food near the villagers so that they can reproduce and the best part is, you don’t have to make any effort in order to get this food as everything is already available in the village. 

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Lack of unclaimed beds 

Beds are the most essential items in Minecraft for the villagers to breed and if there’s a lack of them, the villagers will stop breeding. Minecraft is a very realistic game and showcases civilized behavior of such mobs. Make sure you craft at least 3 beds and place them in the village or inside a structure within a village to make the villagers breed with each other. 

Breeding cool down timer

A breeding cool down timer is applied to villagers in the game, which means that they won’t be able to perform this activity after they have already done so for the next 5 minutes. So it is essential for the players to wait for this specified time period in order to make the villagers breed again. 

Wrong time

One of the key reasons why villagers have stopped breeding for no reason at all is because the time and date is not appropriate for them to do so. There’s a proper day and night cycle in the game and the villagers only tend to interact in the day time. Make sure that it’s not night time when you want your villagers to breed as it isn’t possible in that scenario.

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Issue in Bedrock Edition

There’s another issue in the Bedrock Edition called the Population Cap. This is particularly because of the fact that there are only a limited number of villagers in a specific village in this edition and when this number already exists, players won’t be able to make anymore villagers breed together.